Breaking the Cycle- Living with Ease

Harness inner peace and abundance through doing things with ease. 

100 miles an hour.  100 things at once. Stress levels high.  Anxiety high.  More coffee in my veins than blood. Nothing checked off the list. Crashed. Defeated. Depressed.

I am tired of this cycle. It’s not productive, yet for some reason it is praised. Who can be the most stressed?  Who can have the most things on their to-do list?  Who hasn’t taken a day off in 6 months?  Gold star for all of you.

No thank you.  No more. I’ve been on a journey to fight this cycle.  Sometimes I can fight it with an OM, but other times, it wins and when it wins it wins big.

This week my intention is to do things with ease. So instead of my to-do list being something that has to be all done in one sitting, I pick one thing to do at a time.  I take time for actually eating, and connecting with people, and writing thank you cards, and writing blogs and goals, and just cuddling and watching Netflix, and doing yoga.

I think this shift will bring about the abundance and peace I desire.  I think I will be able to create the life I dream of by simply living with ease.  Not stressing. Not running at 100 miles per hour.  But living.  Doing things in a way that creates a space for creativity and love.

So this is my intention for the week. To create ease. Because I am tired of the cycle that leads to no where.

Have you set an intention for your week?