Is Goat Yoga Worth the Hype?


​I have taught 3 Goat Yoga Classes so far and I have been asked by so many people, why Goats? and why goats and yoga? To be completely honest, I was wondering the same thing when I first heard about it (well, after my mini sequel of excitement with just the cuteness of the whole thing). Yeah, baby goats (kids) are adorable and cuddly, but why is goat yoga such a big thing? Well, after teaching it a few times, I can say, I finally understand why goat yoga is a thing, and why it is such a BIG DEAL. Here is why I think Goat Yoga classes are so valuable and totally worth the hype…


​The presence of goats keep you in the moment, when it’s just a teacher, it seems to be so easy to just zone out during class, and even easier to let your brain wonder, but with the goat present that seems to change everything. Your mind is no longer making giant to-do lists during class (this can’t just be what I do, right?), instead your completely present in the moment, always aware of what the goats are doing and silently praying one will jump on your back to capture a picture perfect moment

The goats also create a light-hearted atmosphere. No serious faces, no stresses from the week can distract you from the goats goofiness. (I always thought I was a klutz, but the goats are a whole lot worse). This really allows the class to be free from any negative energy and creates a safe space for people to truly feel able to open their hearts, enjoy the practice, and love on the goats.


​The goats also force you to be flexible (I’m not talking about physically). You never know what a goat is going to do. It might come decide to take a nap on your mat (or pee on it), and you have to just be able to work around it. You have to adapt and realize that being flexible is okay and just going with the flow isn’t all that scary or hard. You just have to look at the scenario and think, hm… how can I adjust to this? I think this is so important to learn on your yoga mat because once you can get it down on a yoga mat you can take it with you through all other areas of your life.

The goats make yoga accessible for everyone. Whether you want to come to a goat yoga class and just lay there and let the goats climb all over you, or if you want to actually get a practice in, you can at goat yoga (and there is no weird looks because well, honestly most of us are there just for the goats). As a teacher, I would hope you would at least try to do a few postures with me, but honestly, if you are smiling and enjoying yourself, I don’t care what you are doing.


​I’m sure the more I teach goat yoga the more I will have to say, but for now those are all the reasons I think goat yoga is worth all the hype. It truly allows for such a dynamic, open, light-hearted, present class that is filled with the soft “maaaaaahhhhh”-ing of the goats. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would highly suggest checking out a class! If you are in the Tampa, Fl area we have classes at Hat Trick Ranch! Follow us and Grady Goat on Facebook for more information.

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