I Found My Forever Lover…

Do things with ease and let the universe guide you.  Allow you and the universe to be so connected that you ebb and flow with perfect harmony, indulging in your desires and embracing pleasure all through life.  Become the Universe’s Lover.

Do you ever put your dreams on hold because of some social norm?  And do you constantly feel a calling to follow that dream?  Does that cause you to feel depressed or out of sync?  That is the universe screaming at you.  Screaming at you, “PLEASE, DON’T MISS YOUR PURPOSE.”   You know, you have a purpose to why you are here and the universe wants to conspire with you to create that into a reality.  The problem is, when you fight against the universe, everyone suffers… including you.  It turns into a toxic relationship filled with anxiety, depression, exhaustion, lack of motivation (I could go on), instead of a relationship filled with passion, purpose, and excitement.  You have the chance to listen to the universe’s calling, the one that is drawing you near.

For the longest time, I was trying to create a life that fit into social norms.  A 9-5 job would be the end goal after I graduate college, I would make a decent income working under someone and then focus on building a family.  But living a life like that never felt right.  I would wake up in the middle of the night on the verge of tears, thinking “this is so wrong, that is not suppose to be what my life looks like.” (I wish I was exaggerating).  I finally decided that my life doesn’t have to look like that at all.  I don’t have to fit into the box of social norms that were set in front of me.  I can create the life that fits my purpose.  I finally decided to stop living in conflict with the universe and instead decided to become one with the universe.  I decided to the let the universe guide me and inspire me on my journey and that has made all the difference.  I became the Universe’s Lover.

Don’t fight against the Universe. Allow It to hold doors open for you, allow It to inspire you, to motivate you, to support you. Allow It to protect you, to close doors/keep doors closed for your safety.  Allow It to hold your hand and guide you to your next exciting adventure.  The universe just wants to be there for you.  It wants to be in unison with you.  It doesn’t want to be in a toxic relationship with you filled with conflict.  It wants to be in a conscious relationship with you.  One filled with growth.

Listen to that calling from your lover.  Listen carefully. Allow it to light a fire in your soul that connects you back to your purpose.  Let it guide you on this journey. Become the Universe’s Lover.


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