Who is an “Engaged Spirit”?

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An Engaged Spirit is someone who actively pursues an inner positive transformation and who seeks to find peace in themselves in order to engage with others around them and create a positive change in the world.  They are an activist for peace and a change agent in the communities they belong to.  They are the ones that seem to never loss hope for the future.  They are the ones that aren’t ignorant to the evils in this world, but believe that there is more kindness than evil.  They are the ones that are out in their communities speaking up for the speechless.  They are the ones that are standing up for injustices.  They are the ones engaging with the people around them to create thriving communities. They are the ones spreading their light.  

My goal is to truly live the life of an Engaged Spirit.  What about you?  Are you an Engaged Spirit?  Join our community by entering your email at the bottom of page! 


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